Join as we explore our vision for Lincoln Glen Church together. And see how we all play an important role in accomplishing the mission Jesus has for us!

How does God see your heart? This week guest speaker Ryan Suzuki (Children's Pastor at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville) explains the parable of the soils to shed some light on the true condition of our hearts.

How do we share in the blessings of the resurrection of Jesus? What does it mean to have new, resurrected bodies after we die? Guest speaker Josh Camacho (Lead Pastor at West Hills Community Church in San Jose) dives into these questions.

The book of James in the Bible is full of practical wisdom that is useful for our everyday lives. This book speaks to us about going through difficult times in life, inequality, seeking wisdom, learning to listen and so much more! Join us as we discover the richness and depth of the wisdom found in the book of James.

This week we took a break from our sermon series to mourn and pray together after the shootings in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton this week.

Many of us have been praying for the Armendariz and Albright families. This week we took a break from our James series to give the latest update, to grieve together and to talk about how we respond in the midst of tragedy. 

We are often told about the good of news of Jesus at Easter but what is that good news all about? Here we see how at Easter we see justice, grace, forgiveness and hope all because of what happened on the first Easter Sunday!


Jesus old His followers to go make disciples of all nations, but we often feel afraid or unprepared to actually do that. In the series we take a look at some of things that hold us back from telling others about Jesus and look to how we can move forward in sharing our faith with others!

Disciple is a word that almost never gets used in every day life but is used a whole lot in the Bible. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? What does life as a follower of Jesus look like? Join us as we discover this together!